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[ January 20th at 5:28PM]
Right ive got to the extremly boared stage now!

So here the plan...


Leave a comment with youre favourite quote from a movie...(give the movie n who said it)

Here mine:

"The path of the rightoues mna is beside on all sides of the enequity is set on all side by the enquity of the selfishand the tirany of evil men...Blessid is he who in the name of charity and good will Shepards the weak through the vally of darkness For he is truly his brother keeper and the finder of lost children...and i will strick down apon thee with great vengance and furious angry those who attemp to poison and destroy my brother and you will know my name is the lord when i lay my vengance apon thee"
*PULP FICTION- Samule L Jackson...*

Rite GO! GO! GO!
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[ January 17th at 11:11PM]
Your results:
You are Superman
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.
Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Oh yea!! superman whoohooo
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[ January 8th at 10:54PM]
Jst book Holiday!!! whoohoo

Lucia and Louise..

xXxLovin' itxXX
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[ January 6th at 1:31PM]
Name: Louise..
Piercings:...mmmm 4 i think
Tattoos: none..
Height: 5'4"ish..
Shoe size: 6/7
Hair color: brown..:)
Sibling(s): Brother

Movie you rented: mm..a scary one with dom etc cnt member name..
Movie you bought: Fuck know that..:S:S
Song you listened to: erm..the libertines-Dont look back into the sun..:D
Song that was stuck in your head: "alice the camel had 10 humps" sittin signing that in wrk all day!
CD you bought: dnt buy cds..oops.:D
CD you listened to: nor that..
Person you've called: cia..D:
Person that's called you: Ashleigh
TV show you watched: erm somethin on King Kong on mtv..
Person you were thinking of: debz..coz she jst txt me..
You have a crush on someone: no one..:(boo
You wish you could live somewhere else: sometimes..:D
You think about suicide: no..
Others find you attractive: i liked karens answer to this "Is tht not a question fr "others" ? "
You want more piercings: yes..:D!
You like cleaning: erm..sometimes..gives me somethin to do wen im bored..
You like roller coasters: there immense..:D
You write in cursive or print: erm i have no idea do i???
Long distance relationships: mm unsure..dont reali wrk most of the time..but sometimes can
Suicide: up to the person doing it i guess...
Killing people: onli for voluntary euthanasia.
Teenage smoking: up to the person again..
Driving drunk: Never do it..
Gay/Lesbians: up to them..just dont come on to me..:D lol
Soap operas: lol i like em..

Ever cried over a girl: onli if ive fallen out wif a friend
Ever cried over a boy: probz..
Ever been arrested: no..:)
Shampoo do you use: depends..
Shoes do you wear: the ones i can find..:S
Are you scared of death: yea sometimes..

Of times I have been in love: none
Of times I have had my heart broken: None
Of hearts I have broken: dnt think ne lol
Of boys I have kissed: haha Fuck knows..:)
Of girls I have kissed: on the cheek..hundreds...on the lips..none..
Of girls I've slept with: loads...(just slept no ditry buisness ppl..:):))
Of boys: none..:D
Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friend: like 2 probz..mm i duno
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: a couple "WANTED" Adverts mostlt..lol KO!
Of scars on my body: hundreds
Of scars on my soul: mm hundreds..lol KO!
Of things in my past that I regret: OMG hundreds..but u know wat ive learned from them so im glad i regeret them..:D
4 letter word: Shit..can have so many meaning..:D
Actor/actress: dunno..:S
Candy: dunno..:S
Cartoon: dunno again..:P
Cereal: OMG Lucky Charm./...(someone get me them wen they go to america..Ok! yes..:D)
Chewing gum: Extra green clouor..
Color(s): Turqoise, purple, red
Color nail polish: weatever i feel like..mostly turqoise.
Flower: White roses/..
Jelly flavour: dnt like jellly
Jewelry: mm...dunno..:S diamond watch i guess
Special skills/talents: The toung thing..:D:D
Autumn/Spring: Autum..:D
Trampolines or swimming pools: Both..:D
Slept in your bed: Me..:D
Saw you cry: Cia probz/
Made you cry: Me probz..:D
Yelled at you: aww who doesnt all the time..:boooo
Sent you an email: Myspace..

Said "I love you" and meant it: yes to the rents
Gone out in public in your pajamas: Yes..:D
Kept a secret from everyone: Yup
At anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: mm no..:S
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: ahahaha no!
Been on stage: Yup..:D
Been to New York: no grrrrrrrrrrrr
Hawaii: NO..
China: Nup
Canada: yes..:D
Asia: yes
South: south wat??
Australia: nup
Puerto Rico: no..:S
Wished you were the opposite sex once a month: no for a month like an hour..
What time is it now: 13:45
Apples or bananas: bannanas
Walmart or target: walmart..:D
What are you gonna do after you finish this: go study..*GEEK*
Are you bored:Yes..
Last noise you heard: music
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[ January 6th at 1:17PM]
*I was Jst readin over everyones myspace..thinkin about 2005..WHAT A FUCKIN AMAZIN YEAR!!!
all the amazin times..:
the gigs,
the golfy,
the bois..lol,
the wee girlie nights in,
all the things to reflect on..
i got ma first job (shite but hey i wasnt compaling wen the paid check came through)..:)
Met and hung about with all these amazin ppl..:)
got real close with ma besest mates ever..<3
hahaha went to the over..:D (i remeber wen me n lucia would be like oh yea 2nyt well just got to the dancin aye right 8-)no chance ahahah n now were actually like ok so we going..:D brilliant)
wee night dwn the pub..Classic:),
gettin steamin,
the amazin memories (or lack of) from night out..
Just everything..

If you remeber nething good leave me a comment..i wanna remember more good times wif everyone..

Cheers for makin it an amazin yr everyone


luv yas mwah x
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[ December 20th at 10:34PM]

Would you EVER say to your mum and dad.."yea she gets away with alot more than i did... dont you wonder why shes always "stayin" at her pals.. yea hes pals mum lets her get away with anything? why dnt you ever qeuestion her where shes been like you did me??"

Yea didnt think so...so now my parents will let me do FUCK ALL wat an idiot!!! ..im actualy ragin...#

wel better be off...(stayin in ma own house coz my dad doesnt know where i end up satyin some nightS..yea FUCK UP!!!)
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[ December 1st at 4:48PM]
2 days to go...

o0o0 im xcited..:D

Its soo much harder for girls than boys to get ready for these things...they've gotta pick wat their gonna wear..what their hair will be like..boys have it easy..

i think im the only girl playin...mmmm unless that Graham guys band has a girl.. :S:S:S dunno though..oh well..:D:D

aint upd8ed this in AGES cant really b bothered the now jst thought id give a mini update..

o0o0 got paid..thank fuck!

ne ways better b off


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[ October 7th at 7:59PM]

Heya all.....i relise i havent updated in like FOREVER..but oh well...

erm what i been doing?

Like one friday i think it was last week..just stayed in...

Then on sat it was Beths Boyfriend Barrys Birthday at The China Buffy King (whole Lotta B's ) But first if all i had a job interview for Monsoon/accessorise...That was PURE nervrackin But *I GOT THE JOB WHOHOOOO!!! 75% DISCOUNT!!!!*

so yea....ne ways saturday i was actually out ma face...not good drunk just.......yea what did i do??? drunk...was terrible..:S afterwards we met Ben and darren in Glasgow then we called Meenan n met up wif him n chopper for a while...then we missed out taxi and never got in till like 2am oops.!! ah well..was an okish nite i guess....erm Nah it realy wasnt..:(

Sunday was just at work!!! It rocks..whohooo:D

Oh yea the other week was good..:D

Friday: went to this Lee guys party....me Siobhan n Dom...yea we didnt even know him...:D was a fun nite though...this Sam guy was actually Ko'd Lmao!!

Saturday: Went to doms it was a good laugh!!!:) :):)


Was actually IMMENSE!!!:) Yea we were all a little/a lot drunk!!

so amazin cant even describe it!!

I MET JESSE<3<3<3<3

ne was im off the girls are here..!!! byeeeeeeee xxxxxxx


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[ September 24th at 1:28PM]
hey all!!
last nyt was alright! ended up me siobhan n dom went to this guys party...was shite at the start just us three n the two of them..:| Yea n a special thanxs to keiran for comin..:|:| NOT AMUSED DEAR BOY!:) ko! <3 Then like all these boys turned up...they were just pure gettin steamin n stoned...was fun..lol i was a little drunk n siobhan was steamin lol..yea thanxs coz we had to come bk to mine with her steamboated lol!! was ok though..

we just came in n talked n stuff then feel alseep.. singing motion city soundtrack..:D fun times.

I actually cant wait till sunday its gonna such a laugh (MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK GIG WHOOHOOO!!!!)

ne ways id better be off!!!

c ya xxx
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[ September 22nd at 6:20PM]

See If your here!Collapse )

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[ September 12th at 9:49PM]
[ mood | :D ]

Well hello there...

Sat: went to Breahead wif Lucia n Ash but Ash had to go to work so me n Lucia just went to McDonald...Lucia was heavily hungover lol...wee shame..:)
Ne ways...She just got somethin to eat n we headead bk to hers...mmmm we just got showered n readi n stuff...
So at Like 7:30ish we Just headed up to moons gatherin thing....Me,Lucia,Siobhan,Dom,Debz,Moon,Andrew,Niall,Jonny,Mark,shorto,Chris,Lofty,Carlo,John,Claire, etc etc....
Me n lucia n some of the girls got pretty drunk..:) was fun..:D hehe..
PLayed the actuall most stupid game ever with Sambooka mmmm yummy..8-)ne ways...

Then at about 10:30ish Me n Lucia headed off to Meenans...Was Just Me,Lucia,Meenan,Paul,Cowan,Gary,popey and chopper..We jst sat in the bookies and got more drunk..lol..Was Fun...;) :D..Listening to This AMAZIN BOY2MEN song and now i cant remeber it..:@:@..lol oh well..

So yea that was a good night!!

Me n lucia left bout 1:30ish and RAN!!!! all mile home....with no shoes on..:P coz we had to be in at 1:45....But it was kl we made it...lol..

Sun: was majorly hungover so just spent da day at Lucias...had the BEST sleep ever at like midday!!! was actually amazin!! you know wen u get them amazin sleeps u wake up feelin pure refreshed!! it was one of them..:D
ne ways just went home at like 8ish....did some homework n went to bed

Overall a pretty Brillaint weekend!!!


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[ September 10th at 10:43AM]
[ mood | tired ]

Last nyt Cassie,Dom and Siobhan were jst at mine..:) was a gd girlie night in...we just ordered in chinease n chatted..:)) Then gary foned n was like Yea im wif Craig Gryska and Richard were pissed n were comin in for ya!! i was pure erm ok!!:S lol so they came in for us near the end of the night!! the girls were jst walkin home so i walked them to Gford where we met dougy..then i went in coz craig gryska and Richard were "steamin"..:| ..ne ways lol i just went home coz i was boared watced re-runs of depsrate housewives then was on the fone to dom till like 1:15..was funni...:P
well im off xxxx

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[ September 4th at 5:00PM]
[ mood | Meh... ]

Hey all!! not updated in a while..

Well What been hapenin???
Last Friday nyt:
Me Janey Hannah Lucia Ash n beth all went up to Bobs (Barrys Cousins)!! it was okish....Me n janey were kinda boared coz everyone was jst gettin steamin n stoned n his flat was tiny...lol Janey n me jst sat talkin to this drunken fanny..was actually hillarious i guess...he was tryin to fne ppl with the remote...:S:S:S so me n janey n hannah left n went to Ross Jones..Just sat in his for a while then called a taxi n went home...
Last Sat:
Went to that mad Andrew guys party...was actually a good laugh i though...talkin to loadas ppl...n just minglin...eugh at that mad deryk he was near Ko'd...shame...heard some funni storys about him though...ahaha at all the drunken ppl...Me n cass were mostly wif each other that nyt was good though..:):)

Me ,Cassie Siobhan, Kirtsy, Debz ,Alison,Simon , Moon n John went to Breahead...twas a good laugh..:P Bought some nice stuff....:D:D

Went to Claire bday party...lol was funni...we were all up dancin to old music like steps n Ricky martin....i was roastin by the time it came to the end... was actually a pure good laugh although we werent drinkin or ne thing..:S mmm was good food though...yum yum...

Me n hannah went into ggow!! got a new zipper n nice stuff like dat...i bought hannah a purse n she bought me one...yas!!! oh n mad perves takin fotos i was like...yea urs arnt obv..:|:|... Then at nyt loada of us just went up the golfy...i was kinda drunk...was a good laugh though...loadas things that shouda happend never..:|:|..lol..Lisa was KO'd n being sick everwhere eugh!! susannes hair went on fire offa a certain someone..:| who also burned a big hole in ma top..:| lol...erm what else...Dunno..was just a laugh...then i came home n was on the fne to ash n cassie n natz for like 500000hrs...then was talkin to ma anut from England who was up...then feel asleep coz i was majorly tired...
went to the park with Debz, Karen, Nick and Graham....was okish...not very excitin...then just came home n had dinnner etc did some homework..

yea so that about up to date..:D:D

well better be off
Much love xxxx

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[ August 26th at 6:02PM]
Aint updated is ages...

Sat-came home from holidays.:D:D then went up to lucias with ash n hannah...we coulda gone two ways...
Meenan or darrens
for some reason or another we went to darrens...

*£40 and like 2 hours spent in the taxi...
*Ben Bein a little dick like he is...
*Us all STEAMIN ahahahaha (good point)...
*Me and Ash Talkin to Darren mum for ages about lipo...lol
*The workbench thing...
*hot tub..
*Hannah and James..;)
*Lucia and Chrissy.....AGAIN!! LOL.
*The whole disaster at the end...

well i suppose was an ok nite...

ahahah wen i came in i was so steamin n i just went up to Lucias mom n dad n went
N just walked away ahahahaha!!
Lucia Thought i was dead shoutin "LOUISE IS DEAD LOUISE IS DEAD" ...BTW i wasnt lol:)

In da morini we just went to Glasgow me n Lucia and i got a jumper n stuff..:D

Skewls been ok i guess...nothin excitins been hapenin i dnt think...

yas!! 2 partys this weekend..:D:D

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[ August 18th at 12:39PM]
Im comin home.....

well on sat....

see ya all then...

loadas love...

gonna go get the best of the sun...

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[ August 14th at 4:46PM]

heya all....jst sittin ere...ma mom n dad have left me without a key so im all alone stuck outside ma room...meh not amused....well wats been happenin ere???

well not a whole lot....but omg there this STUNNIN life guard..i may have to drown in the pool...lol...yea that about the extent of the joys ere...its just relaxin....n gettin ma tannin done...lol

Onli thing is im peelin a hell of a lot...last nyt at dinner i was like sheddin lol...

kinda crap coz im missin all ma mates but its cool im  home next sat...then its bk to skewl...yea not somethin to look forward to..but oh well...

damn i got nothin to do...

today nealry lost ma avaitors...i was upset till i found ma dad had them...grrrr but it was ok...oh n i got three stunnin bag...hehehe so cool..ma mom is callin me da bag lady as i now have like 20 bags in ma room...:D:D

well better b off...n go look for these parentals...or you know..jst stay on this...


kk byeeeeeee xxxx

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[ August 12th at 9:55PM]

the good news from bk home just keeps floodin in....

PASSED MA EXAMS BETTER THAN I THOT....or ever dreamed...



louise<3Jesse<3Louise whooo hooo.....

keep it comin ppl...

see yas wen i get bk...

Much love xxxxxx
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[ August 9th at 10:42AM]
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[ August 8th at 11:31AM]
shit fuck shit fuck arse shit fuck.......

2moro i am gonna get killed....


oh well...

well im on me hols the now in a wee internet thing in the hotel...place is okish...been to nicer but thn thats bound to happen once in a while...last nyt i didnt straigtn ma hair and found out ma hair is actually curly in the heat its pure nice.... yea everythings going well but onli thing is im a little burnt...well alot n i onli came ere on sat lol....

better be off ma times going...


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[ August 5th at 9:50AM]

Name: Louise McNally...
Birthday: 1st June 1989
Current Location: Paisley..
Eye Color: Drak Brown...
Hair Color: Dark Auburn...
Height: like 5ft 3/4ish..
Righty or Lefty: Righty..
Zodiac Sign: Gemini...
Marital Status: single...
Siblings: 1 brother...


What did u do yesterday? Was ill..:( Cassie n Siobhan came with Chicken soup and mags for me..:):)
What are you doing tomorrow? erm goin on ma holiday..:):) ILL.:(:(
What are you listening to? The Salads...
What country would you most like to visit? California...
What are you most afraid of?: Drowning..:(
What are you wearing? Ma Pjs..:)
What are you thinking about right now? How to get better by 2moro..:(:(
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Turqoise...
One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: Two,cotton....
How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?: *shugs*...


Understanding?: Yeah i think so...
Arrogant?: sometimes...
Insecure?: Kinda..
Friendly?: Yea...
Smart?: would like to think so...
Moody?: yuhuh...
Childish?: well i am still a child..:):)
Attractive?: dunno..:S
Bored Easily?: yuhuh..
Responsible?: uhuh..
Sad?: Yes coz wen im ill im sad..:(:(
Obsessive?: no not realli i dnt think...
Obsessive compulsive?: no..
Psycho?: yup lol no no


Your weakness?: Boys..food...
Your fears?: Drownin...
Your perfect pizza?: chiken and sweetcorn/peparoni...
Your current Mood?: SHITE.....IM ILL...
Your current Hair?:in some sort of messy mess
Your current Smell?: dunno i have a blocked nose....
Your current Favorite Celebrity: adam brody..
The worst song you ever heard: dunno..:S:S
The last thing you ate?: cereal.....ON SUNDAY!!! its now Friday and im starvin but cannot eat..:(
The last thing you said?: Im ill..:(:(
The best song you ever heard?: dunno..:S
The shoes you wore today?: i didnt...
Your room is like?: Red...with like posters n stuff..:):) oh and a green couch lol..:)
Goal you'd like to achieve?: Success...


Fallen for your best friend?: no..
Done something you regret?: yes...plenty
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yea..
Smoked?: yes..:(:(
Broken the law?: yes...
Broken a bone? no..
Cheated on a test?: yea...
Played truth or dare?: yup..
Flashed someone?: erm yea...
Been in a physical fight?: no.:S
Ridden in a police car?: Yes..:(
Been on a plane?: Yes and 2moro as well..:D:D:D:D
Been in a hot tub?: Yup..:)
Swam in the ocean?: Yup..
Done illegal drugs?: Yup...
Been trashed or extremely intoxicaed?: Yes.. once or twice 8-)
Been called a tease?: yea..:(
Considered a life of crime?: lol no


You talked to in person?: ma dad...
You talked to on the phone?: Lucia...:)
You had lunch with?: erm everyone at moons..:)
You kissed?: erm Paul guy at Lucias...
Who broke your heart? No one...
You had physical sexual contact with? ...:)

DO YOU....

Color your hair?: sometimes...
Have tattoos? No.:(
Floss daily? no..
Own a web cam?: Yea...
Ever get off the darn computer?: yip..
Like Parks?: lol yes..:):)
Like school?: Its ok i dnt mind it...
Collect anything?: Not realli...
Work?: nup..:(:(:(
Like shopping?: Yes...
Smoke?: nope...
Do you think you've been in love?: Nope...
Want to get married?: Yea probz...
Do you have a lava lamp?: lol i used too..:
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: hahahahaha no:|


Pepsi or Coke: Pespi..
McDonald's or Burger King: i like both..
Adidas or Nike: Adidas..
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:lipton..
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate...
Cappuccino or coffee: Mocca...i like that..:)
Chicken or fish: chicken/fish...:)
TV or Movies: Fight Club..:)
Dogs or Cats: Cats...
Half empty or half full: depends what im drinkin..:)


Made Out?: yip..:)
Had Sex?: no no..
Gone on a date?: no ..
Gone to the mall?: Yup...
Made homemade cookies?: no...
Dyed your hair?: no..


Aliens? lol dunno..:S
Angels? Yea why not..:)
Heaven? Yea..:)
Hell? i hope not..
God? i would like to...
Yourself? Yea..:)
Ghosts? erm Yea..:)
Love? yeh..
Love at first sight? not realli
The tooth fairy?: Yes..
Santa Claus?:Yes..
Cupid? no no
The Easter Bunny?: Yes coz ive met him..:D:D


Where do you want to go to college? Uni Please...
What do you want to be when you grow up? Biochemist...
Where do you want to get married? A weddin like place..
Do you want to have a small or big wedding? erm i dunno..
Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? carribean or NEW YORK
Do you want to have children? Yup..:)
How many children do you want to have? 2
What do you want to name them? dunno...
Where do you want to live? here...
Was this survey worth your time? Yes as i feel sick....
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